Automatically encrypting data files in a partition.

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Nov 21 17:28:00 PST 2003

"Paul Hamilton" <paul at> writes:

> I need a way to store different directory trees and files with different
> encryption keys, i.e..
> /data/mars  /data/mars/one /data/mars/two etc  all are encrypted with one
> key and
> /data/venus   /data/venus/one   /data/venus/two  etc, would have a different
> key.
> Ideally, the directory structure, and file names wouldn't be encrypted.
> /data is an independent partition.
> Some of these files, could be MS Office data files, others might be MS
> program *.exe files etc.  It would be nice if this happened at the
> filesystem level, i.e., I would enter a key and the root dir name for each
> 'data tree' into the config file, reload the config file into the
> 'encryption filesystem program' and all would be sweet ;-)

The closest thing I know of is cfs (in the ports).  It encrypts some
of the directory structures as well, which is usually desirable
because they can contain secret information as well (think of a file
named "CompanyX_Merge_Plans.doc").  I don't know if it's capable of
handling passphrases centrally as opposed to on a user-session basis,
but if so, you would need someone with the password present every time
you booted the machine.

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