Automatically encrypting data files in a partition.

Paul Hamilton paul at
Thu Nov 20 09:54:25 PST 2003


I need a way to store different directory trees and files with different
encryption keys, i.e..

/data/mars  /data/mars/one /data/mars/two etc  all are encrypted with one
key and

/data/venus   /data/venus/one   /data/venus/two  etc, would have a different

Ideally, the directory structure, and file names wouldn't be encrypted.
/data is an independent partition.

Some of these files, could be MS Office data files, others might be MS
program *.exe files etc.  It would be nice if this happened at the
filesystem level, i.e., I would enter a key and the root dir name for each
'data tree' into the config file, reload the config file into the
'encryption filesystem program' and all would be sweet ;-)

Ponderingly yours,

Paul Hamilton

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