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> Has anyone successfully gotten MailScanner working with a version of
> sendmail from version 8.12.9 onward?  I tried to add this last night and
> into an evil circle of permissions issues. Set normally, mail would go
> the clientqueue after scanned, but owned by root with 600 permissions and
> the smmsp account couldn't read these files, then with sendmail and
> MailScanner set to use smmsp user / groups, it could send form clientqueue
> but the sendamil daemon couldn't store mail in mqueue. I would like to use
> this as it's got advantages over using Amavis however, with this much
> on a stock sendmail installation, I'm beginning to think it would just be
> best to stick with Amavis and forget about the hassle.
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I'll add to this that both sendmail and MailScanner have both been installed
on Fbsd 4.9 from ports.


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