SMC Networks Router with HP Printer?

Dr Lyman Hazelton lrh at
Fri Nov 21 13:29:08 PST 2003

I have an SMC Networks model SMC7004ABR router which forms the hub of 
my network.  It has a parallel printer port and a queueing system 
with a fair amount of RAM, so it acts somewhat like an LPR printer 
queue, though it does not have any smarts for doing filtering.  I 
would like to (1) assign a name to the router in the /etc/hosts file 
so I can refer to it by name rather than by its IP address, and (2) 
set up my FreeBSD systems so that my old, but reliable, HP-IIIP laser 
printer hanging on the router's parallel port is the default (lp) 
printer for all of them.  The router's technical manual says the 
local name of the printer port on it is lpt1.  I made an entry in the 
/etc/hosts file for it that looks like		Baricade

but while I can successfully ping it by IP address, I can't do

ping Baricade

I can even connect to its web-based configuration manager in Konqueror 

How do I inform FreeBSD that there is a local host out there that I 
want to refer to by the name Baricade rather than the IP address?

I am clear that I have to do the input and/or output filtering on each 
of the FreeBSD systems.  But how do I setup the /etc/printcap file so 
it will find and recognize the printer out there.  Should I put the 
IP address in the rm= field?

Thanks for any help.  Several of you have been extremely helpful as I 
have gone through setting up these systems.  I hope I shall become 
knowledgeable enough at some point to help others.


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