FreeBSD, FHS, and /mnt/cdrom

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Fri Nov 21 07:31:22 PST 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:07:31 -0500 (EST), "Jerry McAllister"
<jerrymc at> said:
> Good:
> > - All mount points in / (e.g. /cdrom, /camera, /windows/C)  <- current
> > FreeBSD standard
>      (Just come up with a nice sounding name for each)

The problem isn't what the names of the directories are, but where they
belong. The idea is to be flexible enough that any new device that shows
up can be put into a sensible directory, not to define nice sounding
names for each new device that comes along. That will be decided by
distributions and application developers over time (outside of the FHS).

> > - Under something like /media/    as in /media/cdrom, etc
>          (except the name media may become obsolete)

> > - Anyplace but /mnt (i.e. what the FHS 2.2 currently specifies)
>  Except not /var/  or /usr  or /home  or /tmp

I understand why not /usr, /home, or /tmp, but why not someplace in /var?
These are specifically temporary mount points, and the FreeBSD hier(7)
manpage defines /var to be:

/var/    multi-purpose log, temporary, transient, and spool files

> Less Good:
> > - All mount points in /mnt (e.g. /mnt/cdrom, /mnt/camera, /mnt/windows/C)
> > <- breaks FreeBSD standard for an empty /mnt
>  NOT:
>  These are too long and cumbersom, may contradict other usage
>  Especially not /var...  as it is something else
>  and /media/windows... is also too MS specific.

The "windows" part was just an example which won't be in the standard.
You say "especially not /var" because it's something else. What is it,
do you think?

> > - Anyplace but / or /mnt (e.g. /vol/cdrom, /var/mnt/camera,
> > /media/windows/C)
> >       (some suggestions have been /media, /mounts, /vol, /var/mnt,
> >       and /var/tmp/removable. Others?)

> > Anyplace at all
>   Now, that is not much of a standard - why bother?

Well, the idea would be that the standard wouldn't bother. :)

It sounds like you think that a new root-level directory should be
created for this, and that /media would be OK, but there might be a (yet
undiscovered) better name. Is this accurate?

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