Can I install packages only for my release?

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Fri Nov 21 01:40:33 PST 2003

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 12:53:49AM -0800, Rahul Fernandez wrote:
> Hi, I shall certainly try installing a port instead. I am rather new
> to FreeBSD and am unclear as to how I can obtain new packages. When I
> run sysinstall, it does not offer new packages. Does that mean that
> the new packages are not meant to be installed? Or is it the case
> that I need to reconfigure it so that it looks in the correct place?
> If the latter, does sysinstall or pkg_add know to deleter the old
> version before installing the new one. Thanks for the replies. -Rahul

The secret is that once you've installed the system, put away
sysinstall(1).  Learn how to use the system level commands for
installing packages -- particularly pkg_add(1).  Even better, use the
ports tree.  This may sound terrifying to the uninitiated: "what, you
mean I should compile all this stuff from source?!" but that's the
beauty of the ports system.  It reduces doing all that right down to
typing "make install" in the appropriate directory.  It's all
explained in the Handbook:

While you're there, read about the two essential packages for managing
your system: cvsup(1) and portupgrade(1) (use if you haven't already installed
those ports) and then congratulate yourself in choosing (IMHO) the
most maintainable computer system available bar none.



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