Can I install packages only for my release?

Rahul Fernandez rnf006 at
Fri Nov 21 00:53:50 PST 2003

Hi, I shall certainly try installing a port instead. I am rather new
to FreeBSD and am unclear as to how I can obtain new packages. When I
run sysinstall, it does not offer new packages. Does that mean that
the new packages are not meant to be installed? Or is it the case
that I need to reconfigure it so that it looks in the correct place?
If the latter, does sysinstall or pkg_add know to deleter the old
version before installing the new one. Thanks for the replies. -Rahul
--- paul beard <paulbeard at> wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2003, at 5:06 PM, Rahul Fernandez wrote:
> > Hi, I'm am running 4.9 release. A package called hpijs1.4.1 is
> > installed. I now would like to upgrade to hpijs-1.5. However,
> this
> > package is only available in 4.9-stable. Can I install the
> package
> > from 4.9-stable or is it advisable to stick to the packages in my
> > release?
> why not install it from a port? I use packages as a last resort,
> and go 
> with ports first.

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