FreeBSD beside WinXP

Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Thu Nov 20 15:49:42 PST 2003

chael at wrote:

> Hello,
> I read somewhere before that there were partition or boot problems after
> installing 5.1 beside winXP. Has anyone been able to do this successfully?
> Is there something not obvious that I need to set/tweak while during
> sysinstall? This partition has seen several versions of Mandrake and
> Redhat (Fedora is a flap, btw, IMO), and they all do it automatically as
> if assuming that users DO install their OS beside some Windows. But I have
> grown tired of the linux fad/hype and just wanna try my favorite server OS
> on it to see how it does too on the desktop. But at the same time, I need
> my XP very much.

I run WinXP Pro on a 10G partition next to my 38G FreeBSD Partition on my
laptop. I use the Windows XP boot loader. Works very very well. Just say
no to lilo. :)

Email me off list if you're interested in running the same configuration
and have any questions. I'd consider myself nearly an expert on this by now,
having survived both FreeBSD and Debian Linux on my 32Gb partition. FreeBSD
is by far the easiest to deal with because it uses a multi-stage boot loader
by default (i.e. NOT lilo).

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