need info on hostname

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Thanks for your reply, but you missed the meaning of my question. I
am not interested in how hostname is used on the public internet and
DNS stuff, I know that stuff. I want to know what the FBSD operating
system does with it.   More explicatively during the install of FBSD
when asked to fill in the hostname prompt, what informative
information should be given to the user so they can enter the
correct stuff. Reading the /etc/hosts file provides no useful info.
Is there any place in FBSD that explains how to fill in the install
hostname prompt during the install?

Something like

FBSD uses this hostname internally to name the PC running this FBSD
operating system. It has to be us this format of an fully qualified
domain name in the format of  thisPCname.fakeDOMAINname.tld

Where thisPCname came be any name you want to identify this
particular pc on your LAN.

Where .fakeDOMAINname  can be any name you want as long as it's not
an registered domain on the public internet unless it's registered
to you. Using FBSDyourlastname is an safe domain name to use here.

Were .tld can be any of the standard TLD's currently in use. Such as
.com or .usa or .info or .cc

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Quid pro quo:

I'm not an expert, and don't play one on TV.

fbsd_user wrote:

>During the install you are asked for the host name which adds the
>following line to rc.conf.
>What does FBSD use this for?

DNS?  Same stuff as any other system, with the
possible exception of that stuff from Redmond.

Since 'Nix is/has always been very network
oriented, this is its primary means of human
readable identification.  Or something like that ;)

>Did I use the correct format for the host name?

Yes, more or less.  Since seems
to actually exist, this could either be a good
or bad choice, depending on whether or
not you own ''.  If the machine is
on a private network and will do all it's connecting
via another box, it could probably get away with
'' if you set up your DNS correctly.

>What are the rules for creating the hostname name?

See /etc/hosts.  paraphrase ---"If you're directly
connected to the internet, you can't just make it up...."

>Are the rules published anywhere?
I'd check RFC's if I was *real* concerned.

The good news?  If something about your
selected hostname is causing problems,
all you have to do (as root)



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