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Gary Nichols gary at
Thu Nov 20 08:29:02 PST 2003

Dear FreeBSD Team,

I represent Artvertex, Inc.

We are well known in the web design industry.

We direct and manage several successful Internet web design projects
including: and several others.

Our company would like to create a professional, high-quality redesign
for your website for free, in exchange for exposure on your

In this instance, we would request that you place some small text on
the bottom portion of your website pages saying 'web design' with a
hyperlink to one of our sites.  There would be no other costs.

You can see our portfolio here:

Let us know what you think of this idea.  We believe it would serve
both of us well, and we would be pleased to be associated with you in
this manner.

Please contact me soon.  We're very interested in this type of


Best regards,
Gary Nichols,
Brand Manager,
Tel: 1-917-477-0358
ICQ: 232802631
AIM: GaryNicholsTM
MSN: gary at

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