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Marwan Sultan dead_line at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 19 13:16:18 PST 2003

Hello All,

     Hello there,
     i had a very bad experince with this issue.. once i install a webmail.. 
then i discover it need
     blah...once i install a webmail, i discover it need i dunt what to 
change the password..
     once i install a webmail i discover .. i dunt know wat to 

     then i discoverd
     Its is great email system, it has everything you look for.
     and the most important it has Password changing! and multi language, 
history, enable with
     postfix, enable to use with virtual and real users, and domains...etc..
     above all, you can controll it in amazing way, and everything is 
builtin, you donot need to install
     additional packages, than the ones with openwebmail to run.

     before anything, check the instruction please. so you donot complain 
later :)

    best of luck.


>On Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003, at 17:27 Europe/London, Vince Hoffman wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>         I'm considering installing a webmail system on one of my 
>>machines. Its internet facing, so i'd prefer security over features if its 
>>an issue. The machine in question is running 4.8, uw-imap, postfix and 
>>apache 2.0.47
>>Does anyone have any suggestions, experience they would like to share ?
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>I'd have to say Squirrel Mail

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