Sharity Light -v- SMBFS

Micheal Patterson micheal at
Wed Nov 19 13:02:17 PST 2003

I've got an interesting issue that I'm having trouble locating anything on.
Here's the situation.

I've got a win2k server running IIS that keeps it's logs on a local drive.

I'm running awstats from my fbsd server.

Here's the glitch that I'm running into.

If I use smbfs to access the shares so I can run awstats on the iis log
files, I can't read the current log file if iis is running.  However, if I
run sharity light on the same share, I can then read the current file. At
first glance, there appears to be a lock in place that smbfs honors whereas
sharity light does not. I would prefer to use smbfs as it's internal to the
os, and I'm mounting to a remote san connected to another windows server for
my daily dump backups. I'd prefer not to have to use both of them to get the
job done. Has anyone any information at all on just what is occuring here or
is there something just plain simple that I'm missing?

The smbfs mount is configured as noauto,rw in fstab. I can write to the
slice, but just can't read the active server log file.



Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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