Network messaging

Marty Landman MLandman at
Wed Nov 19 13:15:31 PST 2003

At 03:58 PM 11/19/2003, Cordula's Web wrote:

>Is ping not enough? An ICMP ECHO REPLY is a specific reply,
>directed only to the hosts that sent the ICMP ECHO REQUEST
>in the first place. It's not a prespecified _text_ reply,
>but it is a reply nonetheless.
>Of course, if you need more information, you need a
>client/server implementation.

Ralph, my experience as a web developer and newness to system 
administration directs me to see this in terms of an intranet. I think 
installing Apache on the network server and then using a simple CGI app 
would provide much more flexibility for future enhancements and the warm 
fuzzy feeling that comes from writing apps on app software rather than on 
the system level.

Or something. ;)

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