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Marty Landman MLandman at
Sun Nov 16 18:08:22 PST 2003

At 02:23 PM 11/16/2003, Derrick Ryalls wrote:

>CUPS is mentioned in the logs, and you don't seem to know what it is, so do
>you have a line similar to:
>printing = cups

No, good point. I have ;printing = bsd so that was commented out.

>Also, did you define guest in smb.conf and did you create the acct with 
>smbpasswd -a

No. Now I did & rebooted. Same symptom, i.e. windoz explorer tells me

\\Swamisalami is not accessible. ... The account is not authorized to log 
in from this station.

One thing I notice is that nmbd is running but smbd isn't (ps -ax|grep 
mbd). Is this normal behavior?  more /var/log/|grep mbd yields 
nothing; looking at /var/log/log.nmbd the line

   Packet send failed to ERRNO=No route to host

sticks out like a sore thumb. I gather that lil' devil tried probing port 
137 on lan ip That node doesn't exist; my dns comes from a 
win xp box called delliver with ip and dial up using win ics. 
Yet for some reason samba looked at a non-existent ip on the lan; also it 
reported no route to host.

Finally when I do a find computer on win xp for swamisalami it find two. 
One's just that, the other is that parenthetically labelled Samba Server. 
Neither is accessible. Finally when I look for my fbsd box by ip adr on win 
find computer it now finds it - also not accessible. Looks like I did 
something right and something wrong. (stating the painfully obvious).

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