Samba question

Derrick Ryalls ryallsd at
Sun Nov 16 11:23:48 PST 2003

> Ok, I think this is a mess now. First I tried the toot in the 
> FBSD Diary, 
> and now the chapter 2 toot from O'Reilly. My Samba install is 
> likely way 
> out of rhythm! Still it's so close - I can see the share on 
> windoz explorer 
> but can't access it that maybe others here can help.
> Here's most of what's in my /usr/local/etc/smb.conf (the test 
> path, i.e. my 
> share is chmod 777)
> [global]
>          workgroup = Face2Interface
>          server string = Samba Server
>          hosts allow = 192.168.0. 127.
> [test]
>          comment = For testing only, please
>          path = /usr/local/www/data
>          read only = yes
>          guest ok = yes

CUPS is mentioned in the logs, and you don't seem to know what it is, so do
you have a line similar to:

printing = cups

in smb.conf?  If you don't need cups, don't list it in smb.conf.  I have
seen cases where a cups/smb mismatch killed samba.  If you do need cups,
make sure it accepts connections from localhost (should be default case).

Also, did you define guest in smb.conf and did you create the acct with
smbpasswd -a

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