seperating SQL and application server?

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at
Sun Nov 16 05:25:04 PST 2003

Hello. I am running apache + php + mysql on an PIII 800MHz server. 
Phpgroupware webpages takes several seconds to show up on a LAN (15 
seconds at max). I mean each webpage takes several seconds to show up, 
even if I am the only user to access the server, and the server have no 
other works to do.

I wish to know what slowed it down. A static page is 10 times faster. I 
know phpgroupware is very complicated, and each page are displayed after 
complicated process, so is the CPU too slow? Or is it the I/O problem? 
Or should I put the SQL server on another box? What is likely to be the 
slowest part?

I have a very old Pentium 200 box (compaq deskpro, years old but very 
good quanlity), if I let it run mysql server for phpgroupware, would it 
bring up the speed or actually slow it down?

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