how to map pfkeys to screen -r cmds

Marty Landman MLandman at
Sat Nov 15 17:02:29 PST 2003

At 07:15 PM 11/15/2003, Malcolm Kay wrote:

>On my 4.7-STABLE machine I believe the default number of
>virtual consoles is 16 with the first 12 having by default /dev entries
>/dev/ttyv0 to /dev/ttyvb; certainly not /dev/stty0 ...
>and are selectable with Alt-f1 to Alt-f12 when active.
>By default the first 8 consoles are activated for login in /etec/ttys.

I'm on 4.8-RELEASE and a GENERIC Kernel. When I try alt-f3 from my ssh 
session I get [13~. All the function keys with alt do similarly. What am I 
missing? I've learned to use the screen cmd although it's a bit easy to get 
lost in there, is this built on that or something else?

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