Gerard Samuel fbsd-questions at trini0.org
Sat Nov 15 13:13:16 PST 2003

On Saturday 15 November 2003 02:17 pm, Gerard Samuel wrote:
> A bit off topic, but any help would be appreciated.
> Im trying to setup DHCP for the first time.
> I set winXP to auto configure itself in the network section, but it
> still remains on the IP address that it was previously set at, and not
> obeying, the range of IP Addresses listed in dhcp.conf.
> The connection works, I can use the network, but looking to see if there
> are any errors in dhcp.conf file.

I figured out why the IP Address wasn't changing via DHCP.
There was an entry for the laptop in DNS, and it seems that DHCP accepted only 
the DNS value.  Once I took it out, restarted DNS, the laptop picked up a new 
IP Address.  So Ill see how it behaves from here.

> Also, is there a way to not specify the MAC address, and have DHCP still
> work. For example, say a family member comes over with their laptop, can
> they just plug in and go??

Still reading up on this, but any pointers would be appreciated...

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