GPGME + Sylpheed

Bryan Cassidy b_cassidy at
Fri Nov 14 15:41:43 PST 2003

I used FreeBSD 4.8 without any problems with GPGME + Sylpheed. This last
time using 4.8 I didn't install/configure gpgme + sylpheed but I did a
update to 4.9 and set this up but I get an error in Sylpheed saying
"Error could not find any key associated with currently selected key id
'Bryan Cassidy'. Yes, I ran gpg --gen-key as root and set it up. I have 

Sign Message by default

Use clear text signature

Specify key manually
 User or key ID: Bryan Cassidy

Set in Privacy. I tried unchecking Use clear text signature and just
Sign message by default and vice versa.

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