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Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Wed Nov 12 14:18:31 PST 2003

--On Wednesday, November 12, 2003 17:13:06 -0500 David Bein 
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> Hello ...
>   I have an older J2383 Jet Direct box which I am trying to setup
> for a FreeBSD 4.9/x86 box. I have tried various things in /etc/printcap,
> but still I get nothing reasonable. I know the box is working because
> if I telnet to port 9100 on the Jet Direct and type in some lines
> and then quit out of telnet, it prints them. So my problem is not
> the hardware or network connectivity.
>   I am confused about whether this should be "lp=<port>@<host>"
> with appropriate filters or some variant of "rm=<host> rp=TEXT".
> None of the software examples I have seen appear to reference port 9100
> and so I am confused as to how it knows what to connect to except
> in the <port>@<host> configuration. Neither of these approaches worked.
>   I am wanting to use this with an old LaserJet 4L PCL class printer.
> Directly connecting it to a parallel port works just fine [using
> apsfilter
> and all the other Postscript conversion software]. I just want to have
> it work from whichever machine using the network both for reasons of
> speed
> and not wanting to have a single box up just to print from some other
> machine.
This is a printcap entry I use for a PostScript enabled LaserJet 5:
lj5|lphome: \

Maybe it will help you.


>   There was software from HP for this box for Solaris and HP-UX, but
> I am running FreeBSD and occasionally Solaris/x86, so I have none
> of the software from HP to work with.
>   Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks very much.
> --David
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