HP JetDirect EX printer problems ...

David Bein bein at world.std.com
Wed Nov 12 14:12:43 PST 2003

Hello ...

  I have an older J2383 Jet Direct box which I am trying to setup
for a FreeBSD 4.9/x86 box. I have tried various things in /etc/printcap,
but still I get nothing reasonable. I know the box is working because
if I telnet to port 9100 on the Jet Direct and type in some lines
and then quit out of telnet, it prints them. So my problem is not
the hardware or network connectivity.

  I am confused about whether this should be "lp=<port>@<host>"
with appropriate filters or some variant of "rm=<host> rp=TEXT".
None of the software examples I have seen appear to reference port 9100
and so I am confused as to how it knows what to connect to except
in the <port>@<host> configuration. Neither of these approaches worked.

  I am wanting to use this with an old LaserJet 4L PCL class printer.
Directly connecting it to a parallel port works just fine [using
and all the other Postscript conversion software]. I just want to have
it work from whichever machine using the network both for reasons of
and not wanting to have a single box up just to print from some other

  There was software from HP for this box for Solaris and HP-UX, but
I am running FreeBSD and occasionally Solaris/x86, so I have none
of the software from HP to work with.

  Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks very much.


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