Downloading OOo, other ports outside of the system?

Daniela dgw at
Wed Nov 12 13:12:59 PST 2003

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 20:48, Preston Crawford wrote:
> I have what may seem like an odd question. I have a new FreeBSD 4.9 system
> that I want to install OpenOffice and some other stuff on. Most of the
> stuff left to install is pretty big and thus will be hard to download via
> ports over my dial-up connection (yes, I use dial-up). I know it's possible
> to download tarballs and drop them into the ports tree somewhere so you
> don't have to do the download. I'm wondering how easy this is, though. By
> that I mean, if I wanted to say install Tomcat, Java, OpenOffice, etc. in
> this manner how would I know which package to download? And from where? I'd
> like to download these at work, burn them on a CD and take them home.
> However, since I'm not in front of my machine I don't know where ports will
> be looking for these files. Anyone know?

Look into the makefile for the port.
There's a line starting with MASTER_SITES, you can download from any of these.
The variable DISTFILES contains the name of the file.


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