Downloading OOo, other ports outside of the system?

Preston Crawford me at
Wed Nov 12 12:57:42 PST 2003

I have what may seem like an odd question. I have a new FreeBSD 4.9 system that I want to install OpenOffice and some other stuff on. Most of the stuff left to install is pretty big and thus will be hard to download via ports over my dial-up connection (yes, I use dial-up). I know it's possible to download tarballs and drop them into the ports tree somewhere so you don't have to do the download. I'm wondering how easy this is, though. By that I mean, if I wanted to say install Tomcat, Java, OpenOffice, etc. in this manner how would I know which package to download? And from where? I'd like to download these at work, burn them on a CD and take them home. However, since I'm not in front of my machine I don't know where ports will be looking for these files. Anyone know?


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