Installation Hang

Nick P. sundog2000 at
Tue Nov 11 21:07:33 PST 2003

>>>1 - (Easy) Disable the CD-ROM in BIOS and try a Floppy -> FTP
>>>install. Does it still hang up? 
>> Yes I tried FTP installs many times.
>Did you try disabling the CD-ROM? I'm thinking that maybe the CD >may be causing some hang ups.
Ah, I see, I did not disable the CD-ROM, I did remove it from the boot sequence.  I'm making a list of new things to try now.

>> I'd have to check that one out, I don't remember how it's
>>configured. Those are some real gymnastics to get the OS >>installed. :-|

>That's an interesting comment, if you want to run FreeBSD there >is a good chance that you like computers and what makes them >tick. If so, gymnastics become an enjoyable challenge. If not >and you are looking for ease and flow then, to be honest, I >wouldn't use it.

>Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

Thanks for your input.  Perhaps it's not for me.  I guess I can't help but feel like there should be another solution, that the installation can be configured to work on a hardware configuration that otherwise works fine.

I think that if it is documented that in order to use FreeBSD, you must have your CD-ROM on a separate IDE cable that your hard drive, because of __X___ reason, then that would be more palatable.  I could then easily decide whether or not I want to move on to the next hurdle in installing the OS.

But currently, that _may_ be a solution, for no __X__ reason.  But I'm still going to continue, but I think my frustration is valid.

Thank you for your suggestions about the CD-ROM and possibly not using FreeBSD.  I hope I don't come across as snotty.


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