Another Newbie Question: C or C++

abowhill abowhill at
Tue Nov 11 20:50:15 PST 2003

A decent school will start you with C as an introduction to programming 
then teach you basic C++ (you write your own abstract data types).

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 8:17pm alexander v p <alex at> wrote:
> if i've got the msg, it seems u're sugesting to go to software uni and
> finish that instead c/c++ advice @ the end.

Yes, I would suggest doing that. I would suggest a writing course too.

> back to the ?, i would go with C for starters. C++ later. alone, with
> books, lotsa {coffee|oj|pepsi|...|..} and good luck. coursework can
> help if you have time/money.  
> $0.0153
> alex
> p.s. ESL

For a teach-yourself strategy that sounds reasonable.

Just remember that studying from computer books costs time and money too.
IMHO, after all is said and done, the cost is the same, but you will profit more if you take a class.

Good luck with your efforts!


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