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Tue Nov 11 14:28:17 PST 2003

>>>>> "LG" == Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-questions-local at> writes:

>> daemon# sysctl machdep.hlt_logical_cpus=0
>> sysctl: unknown oid 'machdep.hlt_logical_cpus'

LG> Funny, it looks like it should be there as long as SMP is defined.
LG> Maybe you didn't actually get the bits as of the release?

I noticed something on one system on which I was trying this.  If the
BIOS has "logical cpu" disabled, then there is no HTT available, and
subsequently the machdep.hlt_logical_cpus is non-existent.  When I
went into the BIOS and enabled the logical cpus, the MIB showed up on
the next boot, and the system thinks it has 4 CPUs now :-)

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