FreeBSD +Samba +OpenLDAP as a Primary Domain controller

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Wed Nov 5 13:05:30 PST 2003

Good morning everyone.

I'm trying to find some information about using FreeBSD as a PDC with 
OpenLDAP on the backend.
I've setup a similar setup with Red Hat before, but with the recent changes 
with RH, i'd like to fully get away from Red Hat all together.

With that in mind, i'd like to use FreeBSD as my Primary Domain Controller.
What I wanted to know is if anyone had any experiences using a similar setup?
Are there any limitations with using FreeBSD as a PDC?

I've heard that FreeBSD 4.x does not support NSSwitch with OpenLDAP, but 
5.x does but has issues. Anyone care to comment on this?

Just wanted to gather all the information that I can before I start to work 
on this project.

I appreciate everyones help and suggestions.



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