Windows XP

Eric Greene EricDGreene at
Tue Nov 11 13:34:37 PST 2003

Hello.  I would like to learn to use FreeBSD.  I would also like to have the ability to choose between either Win XP Pro and FreeBSD upon starting up my system.  I do have 2 40GB hard drives, plus Partition Magic if I need.  My plan at the moment is to simply have Win XP Pro on one hdd, and FBSD on the other.

Ok what I would like to know is this:  should I install FreeBSD first?  Or Win XP first?  I am thinking I better not install FreeBSD first because I doubt that WinXP's setup would recognize FreeBSD as a 2nd. O.S. on my system when installing (thereby not providing the ability to choose an O.S. on startup).

Any suggestions?  My hardware should all be compatible to use FreeBSD.

Eric Greene

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