Anymore help out there? Re: mail never gets sent

Charles Swiger cswiger at
Mon Nov 10 12:40:13 PST 2003

On Nov 10, 2003, at 3:05 PM, chip.wiegand at wrote:
> Thanks Chuck, and the others with the same suggestion. I've set that
> parameter in the file and still have the same problem. I 
> ssh'd
> into my current web server box, running RedHat, and sent a message from
> the cli mail and watched the messages, and did the same on the FreeBSD 
> box
> (which will replace the Linux box soon as mail works). Look at the two
> sections below, notice the lines 250 in each section - they are the
> reverse of each other. The message sent from the Linux box went 
> through to
> its destination, but not the message from the FreeBSD box.

Your examples are showing the handoff between untrusted local mail 
client using SMTP to localhost:25 to deliver the mail to the local 
spool, and not the communication from your machine to the next SMTP 

[ Prior versions of sendmail were setuid-root, and "mail -v" output was 
more useful; 8.12 is not installed setuid-root anymore... ]

> The Linux box had no configuring done to make it send mail out. I have 
> set up previous versions of FreeBSD, all the way back to 3.0, and have 
> never had to do any configuring to get any to send mail out. It has 
> always just worked,
> including a previous setup here in this office connected to the same
> network. So I'm wondering what has changed in 5.1 to cause this 
> problem,
> if anything. Or is it just a bad install?

It's unlikely to be a bad install.  Try running:

    echo "3,0 cswiger at" | sendmail -bt

...on the Linux machine, and see whether the last line relays through 
your ISP's smarthost, or directly to  Compare that to 
what the FreeBSD machine is doing.


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