Compaq 1850R panics with 5.x

Guy Silliman gws at
Mon Nov 10 07:07:47 PST 2003

I am trying to get a Compaq 1850R running.  It is a dual PII 400MHz 
machine that works fine with Win2k server... but
I would prefer to use fbsd 5.x but I am stumped by this panic at 
I have searched all the lists and have tried several fixes mentioned 
including the "Full table - Mapped" and OS set to Win2k in the BIOS. 
I have tried disabling the onboard NIC as a possible source of conflicts 
but no luck.

I would be willing to go with a late 4.x but it does not probe the 
onboard SCSI  thus I have no drives.
I do have a Smart Array 3200 ordered and coming - this may solve the 4.x 
issue, but I am puzzled by the panic with 5.x.

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