How to Handle Stale Dependencies in pkgdb -F

Lee Harr missive at
Sun Nov 9 09:38:48 PST 2003

>>Is docbook-3.0_2 still registered as installed on your system? I think
>>is the one it is looking for. It is possible that when upgrading one
>>of the
>>others, that one was removed inadvertently.
>No, it is not registered as installed.  As a matter of fact, none of the
>docbooks mentioned
>are installed except dockbook-xsl-1.62.3.  In addition, the sgmlformat
>port is not installed either.

>  I always understood that stale dependencies indicated that a change was
>necessary.   In this
>situation, the 6 dependencies in question, including the port itself,
>weren't even registered or installed
>yet.  I just feel that something is missing here.  However, I think I'm
>ready to move on to the next
>step which is how to respond to the prompt:
>New dependency? (? to help) :
>If you hit "?", you'll see:
>[Enter] to skip, [Ctrl] + [D] to delete, [.][Enter] to abort, [Tab] to
>I looked at the R-deps listed with the port description and they also
>correspond to the 6 shown above.
>As a result, I feel confident that they should be registerd and
>installed with the port and not the one
>pkgdb suggests, dockbook-xsl-1.62.3.  I assume that I can delete
>dockbook-xsl-1.62.3, but is that what
>[Ctrl]+[D] will accomplish?  In other words, does "new dependency" refer
>to the dependent that
>it sees as the closest match, dockbook-xsl-1.62.3, or the one that is
>recorded by the port, docbook-3.1_2?
>Which would I be deleting?

Not sure. Good question though  :o)

I think there are 2 possibilities:
- delete the dependency on docbook-3.1_2 (not the package itself)
- delete the entire entry for sgmlformat

I am pretty sure that nothing you do at that prompt will affect
docbook-xsl in any way. (other than to create a dependency on it)

My sense is that it would delete the dependency. In other words, you
would be saying "sgmlformat no longer depends on docbook-3.1_2
and there is no dependency to replace it"

In your case, where none of these things are in your package database,
I think you have to decide if these are packages you require, and if so,
start rebuilding and reinstalling them to recreate their entries.

Otherwise, you could pkg_deinstall the one that is giving you problems
and move on.

I just started using portupgrade myself (after a couple of years of doing
these things by hand *erk*) so maybe someone else will chime in and
let us know if we are on the right track.

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