List for porting Linux ALSA driver?

Steven Campbell scampbell at Ncrypted.ORG
Sun Nov 9 09:20:12 PST 2003

I'd like to move away from Linux x86 to FreeBSD. I have had FreeBSD on 
my systems in the past.

There is only one thing stopping me. I have a piece of hardware which is 
not currently supported by FreeBSD. It's an RME Digi96 
professional-grade sound card. I _really_ want this card to work on 
whatever OS I put on this machine.

My questions are: Which mailing lists or other resources are you aware 
of to cover using the Linux ALSA RME96 driver as a starting point to 
developing a *BSD licensed driver for FreeBSD?

I have all relevant technical documentation on the card, and have looked 
closely at the sources for the card. I have looked at these lists:


Thanks in advance...

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