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Sun Nov 9 08:55:34 PST 2003

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 07:37:42AM -0800, yussef wrote:
> I'm looking to purchase a dvd burner for my desktop [currently running 5.1-release]. My uses for the drive would be copying dvd movies as well as archiving system data. I was looking at the pioneer dvr-106 drive. However, from what ive been reading in forums and mailing lists, it seems like the pioneers dont always play too nicely under fbsd. anyone care to confirm or deny this?
> Any recommendations on dual format dvd burners and experienced burning on fbsd is much appreciated.


I have been using a Pioneer DVR-106 drive since August with 4.8.
It is in a 1394 enclosure and works fine so far for doing backups
for me on both DVD-RW and CD-RW.

I am using dvdrecord to burn both DVD's and CD's.  If memory serves
me dvdrecord is based on the last open source version of cdrecord.

The only "issue" I have at the moment is that I cannot use a UDF 
file system which would be nice with DVD-RW's.  I'm sure someone
is working on it.  I've also thought of working on FreeBSD support
for it myself.

I can't comment about DVD+ because I have not used the drive for that.


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