4.9-RELEASE jails and named

Chris bsdnewbie at coolarrow.com
Thu Nov 6 16:47:02 PST 2003


I have a server which will host 3 websites, and is assigned a single local IP address (one from the 192.168.x.x group). I created 3 jails which are up and running, and each website will be contained entirely within it's own jail. The jail hostname reflects the domain of the website it will host. The only daemons running in each jail (for now) are cron and sshd, and each jail has a single wheel user. Some might call this the beginnings of a virtual server?

This host server runs named. For now, I tell my home computer to use the host server's public IP address as my only DNS server, so I can access (in theory) each jail/website by name.

I enabled named in rc.conf, then created named.conf, then created zone files for the server, the 3 jails/websites, and reverse DNS. This process was rather complicated, and somewhere along the way I have configured something wrong.

The way the zones are set up for the jails/websites, when I ping from my home computer, it resolves the name to the host server IP and pings it just fine. But if I try to ssh to the jail/website by name, it ends up ssh'ing to the host server. The only way I found to ssh into the jail/website was to first ssh into the host server, then from there I could ssh to the jail/website by using it's local IP address.

At least pings from the outside world can get to the host server.... but once at the host server, how do I get that traffic routed to the correct jail/website (local IP address)?

This is much tougher than I expected, and after hours of trial and error trying to self-teach myself how to do this, I digress... I must once again ask for help from the experts. All assistance is greatly appreciated!


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