Anyone using a SOYO KT600 Dragon motherboard?

Philip Hallstrom philip at
Thu Nov 6 10:40:25 PST 2003

Hi all -
        Looking at building a new system and was wondering if anyone is
using one of the SOYO KT600 Dragon motherboards (either the plus or ultra

I've searched, but haven't found these specific models.  Their site says
it's supported under FreeBSD, but I'd like someone to confirm that :-)
I'll be emailing SOYO as well, but figured I'd get this out there in case
they take awhile to respond.

I'm most interested in knowing if the audio/lan is supported.

Both boards use the VIA KT600 / 8237 chipset.

The ultra uses CMI 8738 for audio which is listed on as

The plus uses VIA 1616 which isn't listed, but Via VT82C686A is... but I
can't find any info on that latter chip on Via's site.

I also can't find any information on beyond "VIA MAC 10/100 Ethernet" for
the VIA KT600.

Any info/stories on this board would be appreciated.



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