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Wed Nov 5 07:56:27 PST 2003

Hi Neil,

--On Wednesday, November 05, 2003 03:37:06 PM +0000 Neil Hawkins 
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>  am new to FreeBSD and was hoping someone could help me on a few items.
> I have installed BincImap, Qmail, and SquirrelMail.  Does anyone know of
> some documentation I can use to get all of these up and running together.
> Being a newbie, I'm at the point in which it appears that bincImap is not
> started.   How do I go about starting this?  Once that takes place, then
> I will probably need some more documentation on getting all three
> running...  Thanks!

There is extensive help in the README files of Bincimap. It is extremely 
easy to set up. There is also complete documentation on their website, 
which is always a good place to start for any program.


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