Dual Interface Server Setup

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Tue Nov 4 16:12:16 PST 2003

"Bryce Edwards" <bryce at bryce.net> writes:

>     I need help with a server configuration.  I need to setup some FreeBSD
> servers that have dual interfaces.  I would like the servers to have one IP
> address, and I would like them to use both interfaces in a fault tolerant
> setup, so that a link or switch failure to either one can be sustained.  The
> interfaces are connected to separate switches and I would like them to be a
> member of the same VLAN and not have STP enabled if at all possible. TIA!

That's an awful lot of work you're going to.  If you really want to
shoot your foot off, it's not necessary to take such careful aim.

Most of what you're trying isn't really that hard; you want to
configure one of the interfaces, and keep the other "down" until the
first develops a problem, then bring the first one down and raise the
second with the same IP configuration.  The hard part is *detecting*
any problems, especially without running a spanning tree.  You'll need
to do some sort of hack, probably at the IP layer, to raise an alarm
when connectivity to some specific destination fails.

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