Sysinstall Hangs while probing hardware on 5.1-release

Joshua Dobbin joshua.dobbin at
Mon Nov 3 12:03:06 PST 2003

Hi, I've got a p4 2.4 ghz on an MSI 865P board, Geforce4 TI 4200. I
recently obtained 5.1 release and was excited to install, being
dissapointed w/performance on Linux. Sysinstall hung while probing, it
stopped at /dev/cuaa4 (Com 5) while running verbose mode. So, I ripped
out my modem and 5.1 installed fine. I have a US Robotics PCI Hardware
modem which has never given me a lick of trouble prior to this.  Does
anyone know how I can either patch sysinstall or my boot system in order
to not have to yank out hardware?

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