which linux? (not flame bait, thank you)

Konrad Heuer kheuer2 at gwdg.de
Tue Nov 4 00:29:56 PST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, DavidB wrote:

> First I would like to say that FreeBSD rocks, and have been using it for
>   more than a few years.  I like the ports system, I like compiling from
> source so I can get the compile time features I want.  Portupgrade
> really helps with maintaining ports.
> My question is this, I would like to have a little exposure to linux and
> am wondering which distro to run, I used redhat back at the same time I
> started with FreeBSD3~ , not sure if I should check them out.
> I had in my list of potentials, slackware, debian, and I was wondering
> what was thought of gentoo(I read that this was started by a former?
> freebsd developer)[I hope there is no bad blood there].
> I didn't want to go thru a list, installing and playing with several
> different ones, don't have time for that, I still have to upgrade the
> webserver/mailserver/database box and the desktop box to 4.9 [not much
> to that] or wondering if I should just jump into RELENG_5_1 (I like to
> keep my server and desktop running with the same versions, so I can swap
> the desktop in place of the server should the server box fail, call it
> cheap insurance).
> So is there any particular distro that stands out to freebsd types, so I
> can check one out, so in a pinch, if I need to setup a linux box for
> some strange reason I could do so.
> Not here to start a religious war, I hope people have calmed down on
> that, but just one simple, perhaps, stupid question.
> Thanks,
> Dave

Although its popularity isn't as it was years ago I still like slackware.
It is a BSD oriented distribution and its way of administration is
familiar for FreeBSD admins. That's my opinion.

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