which linux? (not flame bait, thank you)

DavidB odyseus00 at whatistruth.net
Tue Nov 4 00:20:54 PST 2003

First I would like to say that FreeBSD rocks, and have been using it for 
  more than a few years.  I like the ports system, I like compiling from 
source so I can get the compile time features I want.  Portupgrade 
really helps with maintaining ports.

My question is this, I would like to have a little exposure to linux and 
am wondering which distro to run, I used redhat back at the same time I 
started with FreeBSD3~ , not sure if I should check them out.

I had in my list of potentials, slackware, debian, and I was wondering 
what was thought of gentoo(I read that this was started by a former? 
freebsd developer)[I hope there is no bad blood there].

I didn't want to go thru a list, installing and playing with several 
different ones, don't have time for that, I still have to upgrade the 
webserver/mailserver/database box and the desktop box to 4.9 [not much 
to that] or wondering if I should just jump into RELENG_5_1 (I like to 
keep my server and desktop running with the same versions, so I can swap 
the desktop in place of the server should the server box fail, call it 
cheap insurance).

So is there any particular distro that stands out to freebsd types, so I 
can check one out, so in a pinch, if I need to setup a linux box for 
some strange reason I could do so.

Not here to start a religious war, I hope people have calmed down on 
that, but just one simple, perhaps, stupid question.


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