login.conf and accents weirdness

Joan Picanyol i Puig lists-freebsd-questions at biaix.org
Sat Nov 1 06:31:48 PST 2003

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* Jean-Baptiste Quenot <jb.quenot at caraldi.com> [20031101 12:12]:
> * In console or in X11?

> * If X11, what terminal emulator do you use?

> * What shell do you use?

> * What language and especially encoding has your mail?
(15:23:01 <~/tmp>) 0 $ grep ontent mail.test 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1; format=flowed

> I suggest  to set LC_CTYPE=es_ES.ISO8859-15  in your shell's  init file,
> and don't  forget to  export that variable  (export with  [ba]sh, setenv
> with [t]csh).
I have these lines in /etc/login.conf

:setenv=LC_CTYPE=ISO8859-15,LANG=ca_ES.ISO8859-15: \

> Also, please test with  more or less, not mutt, so it  will be easier to
> find the solution.  Make a test  file with special characters not in the
> 7-bit range, and view it.
I'm attaching my test file (an actual message). Both under xterm and
console the results are the sime: cat works fine but more and less do

Where's the culprit?


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