Doh ! Installed FBSD5.0 and no more dual boot

lukek lukek at
Sat May 31 19:36:42 PDT 2003

You are absolutely correct during the installation process I chose to have
FreeBSD install it's own boot loader just as I had a number of times before
with older versions but there must be a subtle difference between the older
versions and the latest.

The disk is showing that the NTFS partition is active ( I have used a number
of tools to check on this ) but no cigar.

Thanks for your assistance thus far. I will keep looking for something to
fix this.


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> On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 09:45:44 +0900, lukek <lukek at> wrote:
> > OK thanks for the offer of assistance. The machine in question has two
> > drives ad0 and ad1. On ad0 there was a native NTFS partition with Win2K
> > installed. On a separate partion I had Redhat. I decided to get rid of
> > the
> > redhat installation and use FreeBSD again. So I installed
> > FreeBSD-5.0Release. It had its way with the MBR and now Win2K cannot
> > boot.
> I kind of doubt FreeBSD-5 "had its way with the MBR," or at least a
> installation has never done anything to the MBR I haven't told it to
> (correctly or mistakenly;).  See whether the Win2K partition is set
> > I
> > cannot use the recovery option because I cannot for the life of me
> > remember
> > the admin passwd.
> Doh! indeed.  Then if setting the Win2K partition active doesn't work, I'm
> out of better options than your suggestion to do a fresh install and mount
> the old Win2K partition from there. But I'm no guru.  Anyone else have a
> suggestion?
> Jud

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