Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive and FreeBSD 4.5

Martyn Hill m.hill at
Fri May 30 10:42:30 PDT 2003


I've never yet managed to get a solution to the following problem, but
thought I'd try one last time before ditching the Ecrix tape we bought last

We run FreeBSD 4.5 RELENG on our fileserver (sjserver) and I have installed
an Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive (IDE) on the secondary on-board IDE controller.
The system has an additional E-IDE controller. The following message snip
appears in /var/log/messages:

Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: ad0: 19623MB <IC35L020AVER07-0>
[39870/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA33
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: ad4: 39266MB <IC35L040AVVN07-0>
[79780/16/63] at ata2-master UDMA100
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: ad6: 39266MB <IC35L040AVVN07-0>
[79780/16/63] at ata3-master UDMA100
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: (null): MODE_SENSE - UNIT ATTENTION asc=29
ascq=00 error=04
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: (null): MODE_SENSE - ILLEGAL REQUEST
asc=24 ascq=00 sks=40 00 02 error=04
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver last message repeated 3 times
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: ata1-master: <ECRIX VXA-1a/V22B7B> tape
device - NO DRIVER!
Nov 25 20:53:01 sjserver /kernel: acd0: CDROM <CRD-8320B> at ata1-slave
using PIO4

The kernel has been compiled with a config file that has what I believe to
be the appropriate drivers:

# ATA and ATAPI devices
device  ata
device  atadisk   # ATA disk drives
device  atapicd   # ATAPI CDROM drives
device  atapist   # ATAPI tape drives
options  ATA_STATIC_ID  # Static device numbering

Q1: With reference to the line above that end "NO DRIVER!" - what exactly
does this signify? I wasn't aware that a particular driver was required for
an IDE drive.

Q2: Has any one used this IDE device successfully and could forward their

Q3: What dev number would be required/used for this device (ad2,

Q4: Is it the combination of Tape-drive and CD-ROM on the same controller
likely to be the cause difficulty?

As always - any assistance would be very welcome!

Martyn Hill
Network Administrator
St James Independent School

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