df -h reporting weird numbers (FreeBSD 4.8)

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.no-ip.com
Fri May 30 10:28:48 PDT 2003

"Joel V" <joel at starman.ee> writes:

> /dev/ad0s1g   108G   5.2G    95G     5%    /usr
> /dev/ad2s1e    55G   428M    50G     1%    /mnt/backups
> Okey, 55GB minus 0.5GB should be 54.5GB according to my math. I wont
> even mention /usr. Where are the missing gigabytes?

This is covered in the FAQ, under "The du and df commands show
different amounts of disk space available. What is going on?" 

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