During Boot - error after mounting root

Eduardo Viruena Silva mrspock at esfm.ipn.mx
Fri May 30 07:44:51 PDT 2003

On Fri, 30 May 2003, JOHN HOOVER wrote:

> guys,
> I can't figure out how to get the mailing list search engine to take
> this so I'm asking it here.
> We had power outage and machine went down, now during boot and after
> mounting the root partition the character string '^[[0' appears alot.
> The machine still runs and seems ok, but since I can't seem to get a
> search engine to take the string anyone got an idea what this is and
> if it's fixable without a complete reformat?

this happend to some of my users as a consequence of a virus attack.
he was running window, the mbr and partition table were destroyed...

is your partition table still alive?
is your master boot record still alive?

> Also, would someone please check the MX record and reverse dns for
> ns1.gaiserco.com

>From Mexico City.

The reverse register does not work:

Isabeau:/home/mrspock> host ns1.gaiserco.com
s1.gaiserco.com has address
Isabeau:/home/mrspock> host
Host not found.

> The FreeBSD lists are refusing to accept mail from here claming that
> my hostname can't be found.

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