During Boot - error after mounting root

JOHN HOOVER johnhoover at comcast.net
Fri May 30 07:35:05 PDT 2003


I can't figure out how to get the mailing list search engine to take
this so I'm asking it here.

We had power outage and machine went down, now during boot and after
mounting the root partition the character string '^[[0' appears alot.
The machine still runs and seems ok, but since I can't seem to get a
search engine to take the string anyone got an idea what this is and
if it's fixable without a complete reformat?

Also, would someone please check the MX record and reverse dns for 
The FreeBSD lists are refusing to accept mail from here claming that
my hostname can't be found. 

John Hoover
johnhoover at gaiserco.com
johnhoover at comcast.net

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