portupgrade issue

Roger Merritt mcrogerm at stjohn.ac.th
Thu May 29 18:33:44 PDT 2003

At 08:04 AM 5/29/03, you wrote:
>On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 05:51:33PM -0700, Joe Kelsey wrote:
>: follow the suggestion and actually *use* the suggested refuse file you
>: will then be unable to follow the other suggestion and ever use
>: portupgrade, or else fix portupgrade so that it does not dump it guts
>: out if a language dependency is missing.
>: Very frustrating and totally unnecessary.  Especially since I now have
>: to waste disk space on language ports.
>Can't you specify the languages in the "IGNORE_CATEGORIES" portion of
>pkgtools.conf?  Then you should be able to safely skip it.

Doesn't work. I tried it. It doesn't prevent 'portsdb -U' from complaining 
about the missing dependencies. I don't know what it "does* do, but I, too, 
had to discard my refuse file to cut down on the number of error messages.


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