Problems with fetchmail & DNS resolve

Martin Krzysiak cinek at
Tue May 27 06:04:34 PDT 2003

I have a problem, maybe just I, but I want to ask how to solve it, because I 
am sick of one spammer who keeps sending me email.

I am using fetchmail and there is one spammer whose hostname does not timeout 
quickly enough (try: 'host'; that's the bad guy). The timeout comes 
after several minutes and fetchmail gives up fetching mails. It is mostly 
annoying, because your mails are being doubled while having this guy in the 
POP3 mailbox and I have to logon manually on the POP3 box to remove the spam.

I would like to use DNS (good protection), but I also try 'no dns' option and 
it does not work here (I don't know why).

Now my question. Is there a way to set the timeout lower for resolving 
hostnames on a system?


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