shell/awk scripting help - parsing directories to gain user/file information for commands

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at
Tue May 27 05:24:28 PDT 2003

have a number of uses for this where I am trying to get away from maintaining
lengthy static files which contain all the statically entered commands to run
for a cron job...

for example;

- need to run webalizer of a number of user websites and directories
- can run webalizer without a customized conf file, but need to provide
hostname, outputdir and other such variables from the command line
- can list all the log files which give the appropriate information

# ls /www/*/logs/*.access_log



what I am trying to script is something that does;

<pseudo code>
for i in /www/*/logs/*.access_log;
	ereg (user)(domain_name) from $i;
	do webalizer -n $domain_name -o /www/$user/stats/;
</pseudo code> this would eliminate human error in maintaining a file which contains the
appropriate lines to handle this via cron or something every night.

This is one example, there are a slew of other similar applications that I would
use this for. have played with awk as well, just can't wrap my head around this
(not a shell scripting person by trade).

Any guidance or insight would be appreciated.


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