Win2x and FreeBSD on one box

Joel Rees joel at
Tue May 27 03:06:04 PDT 2003

> Have anybody instaled win 2k and FreeBSD on one system. I got problem
> whit partetitions ... win and FBSD want to live ot the first
> partetition. Some sugestions pls I going to do some self killing :)

Don't take it so personal!

For dual booting on single HDs, I install MSW2k first and cut the BIOS
partitions with the MSW2k installer. MSW2k is the spoiled child, so I
let it have its own way on that.

After MSW2k is installed, I install freeBSD, quit fdisk without making
any changes because the BIOS partitions are already set, and skip ahead
to use disklabel to cut the freeBSD partitions out of the BIOS slice
that I set aside for it when installing MSW2k. 

I end up with several megabytes of unuseable slop sectors, but what's
several megabytes out of tens of Gigabytes? If I were going to worry
about that kind of slop, why would I be using MSW2k in the first place?

Joel Rees <joel at>

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